Calibration database of HXMT

The calibration database of HXMT used the HEASARC’s CALDB system.

The users can download our calibration database from the specified webpage in their local calibration database and configure the calibration index files of HXMT payloads in $CALDB/software/tools/caldb.config file:
HXMT HE CALDB data/hxmt/he caldb.indx CALDB data/hxmt/he
HXMT ME CALDB data/hxmt/me caldb.indx CALDB data/hxmt/me
HXMT LE CALDB data/hxmt/le caldb.indx CALDB data/hxmt/le

An introduction of the calibration files in HXMT CALDB will be given below.











For each payloads there is a calibration index file and the information of the calibration files will be recorded in the index file.

FOV(Field of View) file stored the bore-sight of each detector unit and the properties of FOV, for example, whether it is a large, small or blind fov and direction of the fov (0 degree, 60 degree, -60 degree)
Gain file stored the parameters of Energy and Channel relation.
PSF file describes the relation of PSF value and photons with some incident angle and energy.
Bad detectors file describes the start time and stop time of the bad detectors.
Arf file describes the effective geometric areas of vertical photons. For ME, they have included different extensions for different VTHR. For LE, they have included different situations for the split events reconstructed or discarded.
Rmf file stored the response matrix file for detectors.

Every file has its own version. When the CALDB is updated, maybe only some files will be updated, and others will remain the same as before.